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V of 21st century pop icons BTS finally has unveiled his first solo album Layover and the official music video for the focus track “Slow Dancing”. The album’s title Layover suggests one to take a break along the way, to reflect on oneself and reevaluate goals towards the ultimate final destination. On a personal level, V aims to show a new, more natural side of him through the album. The album comes with a total of six tracks that flow naturally from start to finish: “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” focus track “Slow Dancing,” “For Us” and bonus track “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)”. The first five tracks each have an accompanying official music video, which beautifully capture the music and V’s distinct laid-back voice.

Since I’m the last one to release a solo album among BTS members, I am nervous, but I’ll show everyone what I’ve been working on one layer at a time. Layover is an album that captures the essence of who Kim Taehyung is as a person. It’s fresh, surprising, and relaxing.

Layover is a pop R&B based album fused with V’s individuality and sensibility. The album was created through a fresh collaboration between V and ADOR’s president and executive producer Hee Jin Min. Min oversaw the entire production process for his album, including music, choreography, design, promotion, etc. Min focused on reflecting V’s inner self instead of his outwardly glamor, creating an album that gets up close and personal with the artist on a genuine level. The album’s concept photos portray V in comfortable, ordinary spaces, showing him in his natural, everyday state. V exudes charm and uncovers a new side of himself as a solo artist through this fresh collaboration—an album that brims with V’s personal taste and style. The focus track “Slow Dancing” is a pop R&B song based on the 1970s romantic soul sound. The jazzy element exudes a unique vibe. From V’s romantic and chill vocals to the impromptu flute sequence in the outro, the song is imbued with a free-spirited and laid-back vibe, just as the title suggests. In the official music video of “Slow Dancing,” V unfolds a fantasy-like story set against the beautiful scenery of the emerald ocean in Majorca, Spain. The sweet melody of the flute and V’s dreamy fantasy evoke a sentimental nostalgia.

The first track, “Rainy Days”, is an alternative pop R&B track. A perfect mix of vintage percussion and modern drum sounds gives off a unique vibe. V’s voice melds beautifully with the sound of rain and everyday white noises, tugging at the listeners’ heartstrings. “Blue” pays homage to old school R&B with a modern twist in sound that adds a special flair. The track employs a deep bass and crispy drum sounds along with the repetitive hook that encapsulates V’s delicate sensibility. “Love Me Again” is a captivating R&B track. The song is based on the 1970s soul sound, and the evident gospel and jazz elements make it warmer and richer to the ear. His signature low pitch voice enhances a dreamy mood that lingers long throughout. “For Us” is an alternative R&B track that leaves a lasting impression with synth pad sounds, warm chorus vocals and a vintage piano sound. The lyrics metaphorically convey the sadness of one barely being able to reach the other. “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)” is a piano arrangement of the focus track “Slow Dancing.” It offers a different character from the original as a bonus track.


Rainy Days
Love Me Again
Slow Dancing *focus track
For Us
Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)

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