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Channel R Plays Your Requests
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Thanks for listening to Channel R! We love playing listener requests and this is the place to request a song on Channel R by browsing our Music Library and submitting it as a request. Click the link below, then use the search bar to find a song or browse through our Playlist and hit the “Request” button. That’s all it takes! Don’t see a song in our Music Library? Recommend it to us by filling out the form below.¬†You can also get your favorite song on the air by voting for it on the Channel R Song Of The Week.

Search or browse our playlist and hit the “Request” button.


  • We play a listener request at the bottom of every hour during the shows The Daily Mix, The Daily Mix PM & The Daily Mix Tonight, around 50 minutes past the hour.
  • Requests are played in the order they were received so please be patient, we will get your song on the air!
  • Requests must follow our broadcasting rules set by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Generally speaking, we are unable to play, in the span of 3 hours, more than four songs by the same artist.
  • Our listeners don’t like hearing the same songs over and over so we will hold back your request if it was already played within the last 4 hours. You’ll still hear it, but will need to wait a little longer!
  • To make sure everyone gets a chance to get their requests in, you may only submit a request once every 4 hours and no more than 4 times a day.


Don’t see your favorite song in our Music Library? Recommend a song for the Channel R radio playlist. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be on it!

Please only submit songs NOT in our library.