Get ready for The Song Of The Summer 2024! Nominate your favorite songs all summer long. The top 40 songs with the most nominations will make it to voting from late July.

The Song Of The Summer Top 20 Countdown will play throughout the Labor Day weekend 2024! Showtimes coming soon.


Nominate your favorite Songs Of The Summer below. Songs must have been released in 2024 (or made a notable Chart impact during Summer 2024) to qualify. Songs from previous years countdowns (see below) are ineligible.

One nomination allowed per 24 hour period.

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Voting has now closed. Please check back here and our social media for results.

Select YOUR Song Of The Summer 2023 from the 40 nominees below.

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Listen to the Channel R Song Of The Summer Top 20 Countdown all Labor Day Holiday weekend at the following times! Additionally, the Song Of The Summer will play at other times throughout the holiday Weekend!

CitySat Sep 2Sun Sep 3Mon Sep 4Tue Sep 5
Los Angeles6pm4am, 12pm & 10pm10am & 4pm
New York9pm7am & 3pm1am, 1pm & 7pm
London2am, 12pm & 8pm6am & 6pm12am
Singapore9am & 7pm3am & 1pm1am & 7am
Tokyo10am & 8pm4am & 2pm2am & 8am
Sydney11am & 9pm5am & 3pm3am & 9am

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