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Born in Sri Lanka and raised in the UK, VIB has been a musician since a young age. Along with his evident musical talents, he is also a documented philanthropist with his own charity Vib Save Children, which he founded in 2013 at just 11 years old. The charity helps to save and change the lives of less privileged children by helping them access education and various resources needed in order to have a greater quality of live.

The now 21 year old is also a published author with two anthologies of poetry under his belt -with all proceeds going to his charity.  Aside from all of this, he’s currently a fourth-year medical student, again inspired by his deep desire to help change and save lives.

 VIB has received critical acclaim from WONDERLAND MAGAZINE, & Wordplay on his previous single “For Robert” along with over 1 million combined views on his Youtube channel and support from BBC Introducing Asian Network from Jasmine Tahkar.

The new single “Save A Live” was recorded in London, with his producer and his  mum in the studio as usual.

 We were on great vibes, bopping to the rhythm and the whole process felt and flowed naturally thanks to the lyrics, the meaning behind them was straight from the heart.

The message behind the track Vib describes “stick to you heart, carry your loved ones around you when they are too tired to carry the weight of their hearts themselves and reciprocate that love to your ‘enemies’ as you would do  you brothers and sisters.”

The main motivation for this track mirrors my motivation for everything I do in this life which is for my Mum, auntie and grandma, my three mums. There have just been a lot of trials and tribulations through this life, that the beautiful wisdom bestowed upon me from these three angels has carried me through fruitfully, peacefully and lovingly. There have been a lot of people along the way that wished and prayed for us not to make it, for our downfall or for us not to be what we were destined to be. This track for me is from the deepest part of my heart, which is showcasing the wisdom that I received from them to carry myself through life with peace and spreading that peace and love to others along the way. Also just to prove to every single person that ever doubted my mum and my angels, that we here, we made it and everything u said we couldn’t do, we did and gracefully.

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Written by: Tara

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