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Steve Foley, also known as DJ Chilly-T, ignited his DJ career in 1983 at the tender age of 10, immersing himself in the vibrant beats of electro, hip-hop, and rap. Over the ensuing decade, he meticulously refined his craft alongside his close comrade, Darnell “DJ Flex-D” Pyle, while co-founding the renowned Orange County party Crew Foundation. Collaborating with Los Angeles-based rap music luminaries such as DJ Groove, MC Check, and Rebel X, he carved out his niche in the music scene.

In 1994, DJ Chilly-T embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of House music, a pivotal juncture where he crossed paths with brothers Mike “DJ No_Say_No” and Ryan Walz. Together, they forged the dynamic mixing crew “Madhouse,” renowned for their distinctive style and electrifying performances. From epic warehouse parties to pulsating raves along the West Coast, their influence resonated, gracing iconic venues like RTD on the steps of LA’s Capitol building, Armageddon Massive, and the legendary Metropolis nightclub in Irvine, CA, where they shared stages with Icon’s like Doc Martin.

In 2024, Steve Foley expanded his creative horizons once more. He launched Industry Comics, a platform where he writes and publishes gripping graphic novels, showcasing his narrative prowess in yet another medium. Simultaneously, Steve has made a triumphant return to
producing house music, with the eagerly anticipated single “Why?” set for release this spring, marking his resurgence in the electronic music scene.

Beyond the turntables and comic pages, Steve Foley thrives as a multifaceted creative force. As a filmmaker, he’s behind the acclaimed “The Pale Man,” while his penmanship shines in works like “Let’s All Go to The Lobby: A Sweet History of Concessions at The Movies.” His literary pursuits extend to captivating narratives such as “The Fallen” and the eagerly anticipated novel “Droplets for the Soul.” Additionally, he channels his passion for pop culture and cinema as the creator of The Fantasmagorium Show, a captivating podcast network where he not only co-hosts and produces weekly shows but also steers its digital presence with finesse. Steve “DJ
Chilly-T” Foley epitomizes the essence of artistic versatility, leaving an indelible mark across various realms of entertainment.

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Written by: Tara

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