Chaos And The Calm – Wild One

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Chaos And The Calm is a duo consisting of Birgitte Hellwig (vocals) and Joachim Henriksen (guitar). With two different backgrounds; from gray streets and green forests, Chaos and the Calm has managed to unite city and country, the chaotic and the peaceful. The music conveys strong contrasts with both organic and electronic instrumentation, where genres such as pop, indie, roots, and country are represented. The duo moves between harmony and contradictions, where the familiar is rediscovered and the unknown breaks it up.

The duo released their first single “Fallow” in 2022, which got great criticism and appreciation resulting in a radio listing. They have recently signed a record deal with the Oslo-based “Stoplight Records”. The single “Wild One” is the first track of a larger project ending in an EP and a release concert on April 26th, 2024.

Artists such as Jason Isbell, James Bay, Foy Vance, and John Mayer are major sources of inspiration for the songwriting and sound. The song is about having found a soulmate who wants the same wildlife as yourself.

I got the idea for the song after watching an episode of the tv-show “Sex and the City”, where Carrie (the main character) realizes that she is not the perfect partner for Big (her boyfriend). He wants something safe and predictable, while Carrie is aiming towards freedom. I had to write down what Carrie´s narrative voice said as she turns away from Big while spotting a horse who rears wildly; «Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with.» I played and replayed that scene multiple times. The feeling of a life in freedom, without rains, limitations, and restrictions, away from the standard A4 life, resonated with me. It occurred to me how lucky I am to have met someone who wanted the same as me. – Birgitte Hellwig

The song brings the listener into an energetic world of pulsating, catchy rhythm, where warm feelings and a cheerful atmosphere signal that anything is possible.

We wanted the melody to reflect the emotions this song is conveying; like a race through the desolated hot desert, loads of energy and a feeling of freedom and us-against-the-world. We hope that the song will touch the hearts of both those who recognize the need for a type of freedom in life – and those who have a best friend or soulmate whom you can be the freest version of yourself with.

The song is pending between the American and folk genres, with a pop twist, that makes this duo an interesting and fresh addition to the American/roots music scene.

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Written by: Tara

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