CAROLINE – Have My Cake And Eat It Too

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Everybody has a story to tell. For teenage Los Angeles-based pop performer CAROLINE, her journey has its share of challenges: fitting in, finding her way out of unhealthy relationships, and learning to accept herself for who she is, just to name a few. But what makes CAROLINE different is the remarkable way she shares her truth with fans and followers. By having honest and candid conversations on social media, and sharing her story through song, CAROLINE has forged a tremendous community of peers who look to her for guidance when they’re going through their own difficulties.

Coming of age in Los Angeles and North Carolina, CAROLINE grew up listening to and admiring pop icons who also happen to be total survivors, like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. So far, she’s released a handful of singles like “Simple” and “Already There” to enormous acclaim, and she’s currently at work on a debut visual album, which she plans to call Freshman, a title that reflects the high school freshman year experience where “you’re just kind of trying to figure it out.” CAROLINE adds, “I always knew I wanted the title Freshman because people call the sophomore album ‘sophomore.’ I was like, why can’t you call your first album the ‘freshman’ album?”

Members of the CAROLINE Army will no doubt already be familiar with album cuts “Simple” and “Already There,” the first of which CAROLINE calls “my favorite.” Over an undulating R&B beat, CAROLINE sings about wanting to exit a toxic relationship, even when emotional freedom is a trickier prospect. Meanwhile, in the ebullient “Already There,” CAROLINE imagines telling the object of her affection how she feels about them without any fear of rejection.

Elsewhere, in “Here For You,” CAROLINE reaches out to her closest friends, making a pact to be a source of emotional support should they ever need her. Finally, CAROLINE ends Freshman on a positive note with the moving piano ballad “I’ve Got Hope.” “I always imagined ending an album with an inspirational balance, and I’d never done a piano ballad before,” CAROLINE says. “I think it’s so cool to end the album with hope and positivity — having hope that you’ll get to the place you want to be.”

As CAROLINE continues to come into her own as a singer and songwriter, there’s no doubt she’ll have legions of supporters cheering her on. Having already attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok, CAROLINE is passionate about talking to her fans about real-life issues such as depression and teen suicide, things she’s personally dealt with. By being honest and vulnerable with complete strangers, CAROLINE has earned a unique reputation for being someone people her age can identify with and confide in. “You hear about suicide a lot, but you don’t really hear about it from teens themselves,” she says. “And I feel like it’s so hard because it’s like your brain isn’t fully developed yet. And you’re just starting to figure out who you are. It’s just such a vulnerable time.”

If CAROLINE has anything to say, it’s that she’s here for you.

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Written by: Tara

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