Sabina Masanabo – One Sided

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Sabina Masanabo, born in Pretoria, South Africa, is a talented singer and songwriter, who began her musical journey at the tender age of four. Known for her soulful voice and emotive performances, she has captivated audiences with her heartfelt songs. One of her notable tracks, “One Sided,” showcases her ability to blend personal storytelling with compelling melodies. Sabina’s music often explores themes of love, heartache, and resilience, earning her a growing fan base and recognition in the South African music scene.

One Sided” holds a special place in Sabina Masanabo’s heart, as it encapsulates a deeply personal journey of navigating unrequited love. Through this song, Sabina aims to express the raw emotions and vulnerabilities that come with giving your all to someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. As a singer and songwriter, creating “One Sided” allowed her to channel her own experiences into a piece that she hopes will resonate with listeners who have faced similar situations. The song is a reminder that even in the midst of heartache, there is beauty in honesty and the strength of sharing your truth. It is also a testament to her growth, both as an artist and an individual, and she is honored to share the song with the world.


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Written by: Tara

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