Here are all the details on how we manage Song Of The Week voting and tabulate the results.


Song Of The Week voting is available on the website and app. Each is a separate voting platform with unique rules and start/end times as shown in the table below:

 WebsiteRadio App
Weekly Voting StartsMondays 6am PTSundays 6.30pm PT
Weekly Voting EndsSundays 6pm PTSundays 5pm PT
Voting FrequencyEvery 24 hoursEvery 4 hours
Social Media Follower BoostYes, 10x for each account (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok)No
Max Weekly Votes From Social Media Followers30n/a
Max Weekly Votes3728


You can multiply your Song Of The Week votes in the following two ways:

  1. Vote on the Channel R Radio App available for iPhone and Android. With 4X daily voting allowed in the app, or once every 6 hours, up to 28 votes can be gained during a weekly voting period.
  2. Follow Us for a Social Media BOOST: Follow us on TwitterInstagram or TikTok. Then, when voting on the website, include your handle (@username) in the designated field to unlock 10 additional votes for each of your nominations! One Boost vote per social media account is allowed during each 7 day voting period for a maximum of 30 votes.


We combine votes from the app with votes from the website (including the Social media boosts) and announce the winner at 6pm PT/9pm ET every Sunday night. Results of the voting is published online at the same time.


Song Of The Week early-voting starts on the app Sundays at 6.30pm PT/9.30pm ET. Website voting starts Mondays at 6am PT/9am ET.

The two songs with the lowest votes from the previous weeks voting are dropped and two new songs are added. The song selection is at the discretion of Channel R however we mainly elect songs that are recommended by our listeners via social media or the “Recommendation” form on the Song Of The Week voting page. Occasionally fan groups may ask us to switch out an artist’s song with another and we’re happy to do that!

Song Of The Week voting ends at Sunday 5pm PT/8pm ET on the app (to allow us time to combine with website votes). Website voting ends Sundays at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

Voting Updates

We regularly post voting updates on Social Media showing the Top 5 or Top 3 based on cumulative  votes. Note that, in these updates, we do not apply social media boosts.  Therefore these updates should be used as a guide only and the final result, once we apply all of the boosts, may lead to a different outcome vs. our daily voting updates.