We invited some of the best emerging artists featured on our Discover show to present at the Channel R Radio Awards 2021! Learn more about this amazing group of artists and check out their music here.

“Wonderfully warm & uplifting pop” Mystic Sons

Californian songstress Monica Abern released her 5 track EP ‘Postcards’, alongside single ‘Reasons to Reminisce,’ a song that sees Monica stumbling on a thread of messages on an old cell phone to discover how much she’s changed. Through reminiscing, she realised you can learn from mistakes, feel none of the old feelings but still have appreciation for the person you once were.

Lurid Purple Flowers (frontwoman CA Newcomb and guitarist Ben Caito) is a Boston-Based Rock Band, formed in January after meeting at Berklee College of Music. It features C.A. Newcomb on guitar and vocals, Ben Caito on guitar, Carl Troye on Bass and John Keyes on Drums. The group deftly combines a number of genres, including Rock, Blues, and Funk with a Grunge sensibility.  

Stacey Z is a Scottish singer/songwriter who released  a 3 song summer EP ‘Things Happen For A Reason’. She just released original Christmas Song ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’ and is busy now recording songs for her debut album that will be released in 2022.

Hero is a Florida-based MC/Composer. The southern rapper is spreading a new generation of sound. Hero brings new style, new meaning, and all new concepts to the music industry and recently released his latest album “Made From Scratch.” Hero has accomplished great success and is now receiving airplay throughout the states and in other countries. 

Initially discovered by Dermot O’Leary, UK Country artist Jake Morrell has become a favorite through a succession of ear-candy singles and joyous live shows. 

We know that this pandemic has been a disaster for artists, but Jake is one who has spent his time productively, both by helping his community through social work, a family tradition, and helping to fund his ongoing recording career by working as a builder. This has enabled him to create new music, new videos and online content. 

Blending cultures and genres singer/songwriter Catherine Sunday cemented her place in pop with her debut single ‘Calling’ in 2019. Since then Catherine has been developing her sound, working with an array of genre defining producers bringing to the table a distinctive balance of experimental and mainstream pop influence. Catherin’es latest single is ‘High’ with EWAVE.