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   A truly great song can be played decades later and still feel like it was written yesterday. A truly great artist stands the test of time. Wyn Starks wants to be that artist.

Influenced by iconic singers like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, and the modern-day brilliance of Leon Bridges, The Weekend, and Sam Smith, Starks starts with a melody and then wraps his impressive falsetto around lyrics that mirror the emotion he’s feeling in the moment creating his own unique brand of classic cool.

I’ve always loved people ,I’ve always wanted to leave an impact on people through music.I want my music to bring people together ,I want it to create this feeling of love, acceptance and creativity ,I want it to speak all these emotions in people because when I hear good music I feel it.

Starks began connecting his emotions with music at a young age, growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he and his own brother were raised by a hard-working single mother.

Thats really had an effect on who I was ,how I saw myself and how I learned to value myself,because that situation was just hard ,I jusr felt rejected a lot of thet times in my childhood so as a resultI kind of grew up with all these insecurites. I just didn’t really know who I was I became something to fit in -to fit into society ,to fit into what people expected of me

Music was the one thing he was always sure of. His mom constantly had music playing in their home and Starks, quickly developed a love for the Motown greats. He also recalls soaking in the swirl of pop,80’s rock, and 90’s R&B that blared from his speakers carting him to and from school. All of it influenced him – even before he realized music was what he was born to pursue. The gospel music he sang in the church also played a pivotal role in shaping Starks as an artist

While he can point to a diverse range of musicians and sonic elements that have inspired him along his creative journey, it wasn’t until recently that Starks discovered his own artistic path-a road less traveled that wasn’t easy to navigate. At the encouragement of a long-time friend and fellow pop artist Andreas Moss, Starks moved to Nashville, where he was introduced to songwriter and producer Fred Williams, Willian who records and performs under the moniker Built By Titan, and has worked with an expansive list of artists including the Jonas Brothers, Mat Kearney, and Sara Bareilles among others. At this invitation, Starks was featured on a Built By Titan track and the two formed an organic friendship that led to Williams producing and co-writing for Starks.

Nashville opened me up to this whole new world of music the way I wanted to do it ,not the way everybody else wanted me to do it .A lot of times other people haave this vison for you and their ideas just don’t fit ,For a long time I was living for other people -to make people happy but coming to Nasville really helped me get into my own groove and learn who I am ,what I like and what I love it even helped me learn to love myself.

I guess i’m just telling my story in a sense ,I’m just writing what feels good right now because I feel good right now. I’m in a good place – mentally an emtionally ,I just feel like I know who I am more than I ever have before ,I’m glad that I’ve finally come into myself and I can be like This is whi I am ,I love me “

People gravitate toward that brand of humble, authentic self-assurance .continue that with his natural swagger and sunny personality, and Wyn Starks is desired to become the kind of timeless artist that people still want to play 50 years from now. The kind of artist who never goes out of style.

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Written by: Tara

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