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TEF XL aka TEF is a business executive with deep roots as a hip-hop artist, promoter, and social advocate based in Jacksonville, Florida. His music draws inspiration from the 80s and 90s rap crafted with modern melodic hints of neo-soul and enveloped in socially conscious lyricism.

TEF grew up in Jacksonville, FL learning how to beatbox in elementary school, and began writing lyrics at the young age of 12. As an ambitious but misguided adolescent, TEF Submerged himself in the destructive street life that led to troubling experiences he had to learn from. Over time and many hard lessons, it was through the mentoring of a few OG’s that TEF was inspired to elevate from thuggery to a bigger purpose as a symbol of that purpose.

TEF partnered with his friend and musical collaborator Christopher’WAX’ Hines to form the pioneering hip hop group EAST UNIT and he also became a music promoter in Jacksonville. In partnership with others, he would bring some of the biggest names in music to their local scene including The Notorious B.I.G, Outkast, and WU-Tang Clan.

TEF XL will be releasing his debut album CODE SWITCH  in 2022 an auto-biographical depiction of the socioeconomic and relationship-based circumstances the artist has overcome during his life to realize this dream.

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Written by: Tara

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