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A genuinely graceful and undeniable identity, Cammi Kol has invigorated her musical background in a unique way. Born and raised in the bustling city of Melbourne, Cammi’s journey started at the ripe age of 5 yrs old, with a staggering 19 yrs of vocal training and guidance behind her, she knew that music was a force held in the palm of her hands – unbeknownst it would turn into her greatest achievement. Developing an immersive musical intelligence she takes such inspiration from the likes of alternative rock and grunge to progressive metal and beyond. No sound goes unnoticed, no song unembraced. A collaboration unadulterated honesty with wholesome musical ideas.

Crafting up a pop-punk anthem of epic proportions, Cammi Kol fires away in yet another remarkable track. Cammi does not shy away from her powerhouse of a voice if anything it’s the driving force behind the anthems she writes.

Her latest release ‘Jasper’ refers to the odyssey of a boy with a brilliant mind and a humbled identity, racing to leave town and flourish in a new scene, After years of misunderstanding by his peers ‘Jasper’ seeks out a better life in true heroic form.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to dance around thier quirkiness when they’re younger, sometimes kids are left in the darkness of who they are that even they start to question thenselves inclusivity and recognition beyond judgement is a peace-keeping tool that benefits everyone and can save a life.┬áThe biggest impact many people choose to make is to live their lives inservice to others yet find that human capacity for love and acceptance can uttterly thwart them.We can dance around our quirks without feeling that something is wrong with us .we are all unique and have something to off.

Let’s celebrate diversity and encourage meaningful relationships. There’s always so much more we can do for ourselves and others. we are the unsung heroes.we can always be braver and stand up for a voice left behind


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Written by: Tara

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