Channel R Discover plays 60 minutes of music from today’s best emerging artists Sunday’s at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Channel R Discover is a weekly show featuring 60 minutes of music from today’s best emerging artists, including indie and unsigned artists. Discover is curated by Tara Tait who hand-pick artists for the show covering a variety of genres and styles! Check out our featured Discover artists below including Tara’s exclusive interviews on Discover Spotlight plus the playlist for this weeks show.

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Tara speaks with alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter Rachael Sage about recording her Beatle-esque single ‘Flowers For Free’, songwriting from an early age, how she got started to now running her own label and artists that have inspired her along the way and much more!

Tara speaks with Italian-born, Miami-raised urban pop sensation DICI about producing his latest single ‘Daydream’ under his very own record label, how he got started in music, influences, plans for the future and much more!

Penelope Robin, a 15 year old American singer-songwrite about expressing her emotions through her lyrics in new single ‘Taking Back Sunday’, growing up in Colombia and how that has influenced her music and lots more!

Our exclusive interview with Nashville R&B singer Ria Barkr, an indie artist who has thrown herself back into music with a new EP. They talked about writing, collaborating with other artists, inspirations, what’s next and much more! 

Our exclusive interview with Indie band Himalayas about their debut album ‘From Hell To Here,’ Songwriting inspirations, how they formed, touring plans for this year and much more.

Our exclusive interview with dance rock indie band The Great Leslie. We talked about writing songs for their new EP, ‘The End And The Beginning’, how they got started, plans for more music, touring and lots more.

Our exclusive interview with modern soul singer songwriter Devon Gilfllian about writing his new single ‘Right Kind Of Crazy’, artistic influences, how he got started in music and lot’s more!

Our exclusive interview with Greek Indie artist Dimitris Nezis who talked about recording recent single ‘Viral’ with Stacey Jackson, artists that inspire him, pursuing his love of music and lot’s more!

Our exclusive interview with Ross from Blue Rose Code, who spoke about writing his new single ‘Thirteen Years’ and how he’s channeled his social concerns and his own identity into the song. Ross also talked about bringing awareness to children’s hunger through his music, plans for touring, how he got the ...

Our exclusive interview with the dynamic, breakthrough indie-pop trio Tors. We talked to the band talked about writing their latest single, the viral ‘Anything Can Happen’ and the powerful message behind it. The band also also talked about touring with Sam Ryder in the UK, plans for 2023 including songwriting in Nashville ...



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